SOJOURN GROUP 11-1M (Single Rib)


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This product is a lightweight minimal button mounting solution for MLOK rails.

Compatible With:

  • ModButton Lite (Single and Dual Lead)


  • MLOK


The 11-1 series of products are offered in three configurations: NGAL/ITP-053 (single rib) and ModButton Lite (single and dual rib), with the devices being made of high-strength, chemical and wear-resistant polymer.


  • A very low-profile that allows for simultaneous mounting of equipment on the 12-O’Clock Picatinny rail.
  • Provides a secure and easy way to place tape switches at the 11:30 or 1:30 positions on MLOK handguards.
  • Tactile feedback to the user to prevent unintentional switch activations.


  1. Ensure that your weapon is unloaded with the bolt either locked to the rear or removed from the receiver. Do not neglect this step, as it pertains to life safety.
  2. Ensure that the M-LOK nuts are backed out enough from the 11-1 that the M-LOK nuts can seat properly onto the M-LOK rail. At this point, if you desire to use thread locker, add a drop or two to each screw. We recommend blue thread locker.
  3. Position the 11-1 into the desired location on the M-LOK rail, inserting the pressure pad underneath the 11-1 so that the cable is routed properly around the mounting hardware. Ensure that the 11-1 and pressure pad are fully and properly seated against your hand guard prior to tightening the fasteners.
  4. Tighten the M-Lock hardware to 15 inch/pounds (1.7 newton meters).
  5. Verify that the pad is held securely in place by the 11-1, and connect your pressure pad to the appropriate device.
  6. Employ your device hassle-free from tape or zip-tie solutions that you’ve used prior.
  1. Prior to installation, properly clear your weapon and confirm that it is safe. Safety is everyone’s priority.
  2. Torque driver with 1/8” Hex Bit (in a pinch, a #3 or a #3.5 will work too).
  3. Thread locker (medium/blue) if desired. DO NOT use red thread locker.
  4. DO NOT exceed 15 inch pounds (1.7 newton meters) of torque.

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