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The AB Night Vision RPNVG (Ruggedized Panning Night Vision Goggle) is a feature rich goggle offering a user selectable field of view from 40° to 65°.  The RPNVG runs off of a single CR123A battery. The RPNVG also features a native auxiliary LEMO port for remote battery pack use. The Ground Optimized Battery Pack from AB Night Vision is our preferred battery pack for the RPNVG. The RPNVG can also use legacy ANVIS packs or other standard LEMO battery packs. Much like the RNVG, the RPNVG also features inter-pupillary adjustment for precise adjustment to the user’s eye spacing. However, the method of adjustment is different for the RPNVG. The RPNVG uses a sprung button and detent system to lock into each finite adjustment point. There are integrated tether points for lanyard attachment on both left and right sides. The panning feature is user selectable in utilizing the RPNVG in either conventional 40° FOV mode or pan mode for ~65° FOV. Both optical pods can be individually removed without the use of tools. Modular power packs are available for left and right pods to run them in monocular configuration. The RPNVG is a uniquely versatile night vision goggle system checking many boxes. If you don’t need articulation then there is a good chance the RPNVG is for you. The extra field of view offered by the RPNVG really adds to the overall capability of the system. It may not seem like much, but the gain from 40° to 65° of Vision is quite tremendous.

The RPNVG – Ruggedized Panning Night Vision Goggle from AB NightVision Inc. is an extremely tough, full featured night vision binocular with panning and modular functionality.  Unlike fixed bridge binoculars before it, the RPNVG offers the ability to go from a collimated straight forward view to a wide-angle panning view.  The optical pods can also be removed without the use of tools to allow the user to have two monoculars.

The binocular uses lightweight push button switches with the IR illuminator switch recessed within a fence to prevent accidental activation.  The unit features “IR Illuminator On” and “Low Battery” indicators within the viewing area.  An IR spot/flood adapter can be added if the user desires more range from their IR illuminator.

The RPNVG is available in CR123 battery style.  It also includes an auxiliary port which allows for the use of an external ANVIS style battery pack (for battery packs outputting up to 3.3v maximum.)

RPNVG optics feature a full range of adjustment.  The Mil-spec Objectives allows the user to focus between 9.8 inches and infinity, while the Mil-spec Eyepieces offer a diopter adjustment range of -6 to +2.  The interpupillary distance is adjustable to match the user’s eye spacing from 51mm to 73mm.

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