Haley Strategic Partners Flatpack 2.0, Black, Includes Shoulder Straps and Side Straps For D3CR Attachment FP-2-1-BLK

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At its core” the new FlatPack 2.0 is still is an assault pack that can go from an almost flat profile when compressed to 600 cubic inches when completely expanded utilizing a unique expandable gusset system. In its compressed state” the D3 FlatPack 2.0 can run a 1 liter hydration bladder in the main compartment with additional small items like batteries” energy gels and chem lights stored in the dedicated admin chamber. Expanded” the main compartment can fit a fully loaded D3CR” a helmet or a jacket while the admin can fit electronics and/or small binoculars. The FlatPack features a new chest strap to add stability and comfort while under load. The FlatPack 2.0 integrates with a D3CR or D3CR-H” replacing the H harness with the pack straps” to create a light reconnaissance” patrol or an EDC worst case scenario rig. The FlatPack will also molle into any PALS based nylon system including plate carriers” assault vests or other packs with external PALs webbing. Although designed with the Special Operations end user in mind” the D3 FlatPack 2.0 also makes an excellent everyday pack for civilians looking for a very compact carry bag that doesn’t scream military. Able to safely transport electronics such as the iPad” MacBook (12″) or any laptop or tablet up to 8″ x 12″” the padded inner chamber can also hold a number of items ranging from books and periodicals to digital cameras.

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Weight 1.3125 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 10.5 × 1.3 in

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