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The HRF Concepts HUNCHBACK, based off the original RAMP, is designed to be seated directly behind the aluminum ModButton and provide an ergonomic and discernable activation method for ModButton Lite switches.*

Utilizing the same rail grabber design as the original, the HUNCHBACK positions the Button at a reduced 13.5 degree angle while taking up the same footprint as a normal ModButton Lite.

The HUNCHBACK, also referred to as the “Reduced Angle RAMP” previously, can be run separately from the aluminum ModButton or with a standard ModButton Lite.



Material: Nylon Polymer

Weight: 0.46oz (13g)

Cable Side: Right or Left

Included Hardware: Rail Grabber Nut (2)

Instructions: Available Here

Color: Black

Made in the USA


Length: 1.15″ (29mm)

Width: 1.15″ (29mm)

Height: 0.83″ (21mm)

Height Above Rail Surface: 0.55″ (14mm)

*The RAMP does not include a ModButton Lite and requires one to function, grab one here.