Affirm payment method

Affirm replaces your credit cards
with an easier payment method.

Apply in minutes to see if you are approved
Checking eligibility has no impact to credit

-get the things you love without breaking your budget





you alway
total amount
you'll pay

get approved
for up to

without affecting your credit


no late fees,
prepayment fees,
annual fees,
and no fees to open or close
your account

pay for your
over time

Buy now, pay over time. Make
monthly payments with
no hidden fees

Example of Affirm Checkout with an ACTInblack DTNVS

get started

Shop your favorite brands online
and pay later with Affirm. You’ll
see affirm at checkout, or you can
request a virtual card in the Affirm app.

This eligibility check won't affect your
credit score.

a click
from as
as 0% APR.

choose your payment terms. Pick the
payment option that works for you
and your budget-from 4 interest-free
payments every 2 weeks to monthly

Affirm will never charge you late fees
or penalities of any kind, EVER.
An iphone showing Affirm financial options and monthly payment
How to setup Affirm automatic payments

make your

manage your payment
in the affirm app or online
and set up Autopay so you
don't miss a payment.
But if you do, you'll never
pay any fees.

You'll never pay more than you agree to up front.
You'll get email and text reminders.

Is Pay Over Time a Smart Movey Move?

Credit cards aren't working. They lure us in with perks, but end up costing a lot: The average U.S. household has $6,000 in credit card debt.
With Affirm, you'll never owe more than you agree to up front. Instead, you'll always get a fexible, transparent, and convenient way to pay over time.

more budget friendly

make monthly payments that fit more comfortably with your budget.


think more favorably if offered flexible payment methods.
Waiting to save a lump sum of cash for the entire price of an item, is not always practical.

buy what you want when you want.

spend responsibly without overextending, while still buying what you want or need today.

The choice
is clear

Late fees?
Hidden charges?
Sneaky fine print?
we'll leave those to
the credit card

Will Affirm affect my credit score?

Creating an Affirm account and seeing if you prequalify will not affect your credit score. If you decide to buy with Affirm, these things may affect your credit score: making a purchase with Affirm, your payment history with Affirm, how much credit you've used, and how long you’ve had credit.

Does Affirm charge interest and fees?

Fees - We don’t charge any fees. That means no late fees, no prepayment fees, no annual fees, and no fees to open or close your account. Interest - Depending on the size of your purchase and where you’re shopping, your payment plan may include interest. You’ll never owe more interest than you agree to on day one—so you always know exactly what you’re getting into.

What does it mean to prequalify?

When you prequalify, you get an estimate of how much you can spend with Affirm. You don’t have to use the full amount, and you’re not on the hook to pay anything back until you actually make a purchase.

What if I don’t see Affirm at checkout?

Thousands of stores offer Affirm as a payment option at checkout. But if you don’t see us at checkout, you can still pay over time. Just download the Affirm app (or sign in at, tell us where you’re shopping, and we’ll give you a one-time-use virtual card you can use to complete your purchase online or in stores. Then, pay us back over time