Who we are

Operator’s Manual is a Michigan Limited Liability Company engaged in the sale of tactical gear and night vision devices. 

With our customers’ mission-critical needs in mind, we deliver products and solutions that support government and commercial customers worldwide with our largest customers being various departments and agencies of the U.S. Government.

Our vision for 21st Century Defense is to accelerate the adoption of advanced products and services into our National Defense future requirements while enhancing the performance and value of our platforms and products for our customers. We adapt our technologies, integration skills, market knowledge and operationally-proven systems to each customer’s requirements in both existing and new platforms to provide customers with cost-effective solutions and improve their technological and operational capabilities within limited budgets. 

Our products and services have defense and civil applications. We do not own or operate any manufacturing facilities. We instead choose to contract with third-party suppliers and manufacturers for finished goods on a purchase order basis. We also continuously seek out additional suppliers and manufacturers to support our ongoing growth and we carefully evaluate all new suppliers and manufacturers to ensure they share our standards for quality and integrity. 

We utilize indirect sales channels including dealers, distributors, affiliates, and sales representatives in the marketing and sale of some lines of products and services. These independent representatives may buy for resale or, in some cases, solicit orders from commercial or government customers for direct sales by us.